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Ecube Labs
Stand: Z5G58
406 20 Digitalro 31 Street
South Korea

T: + 82 2 21090293

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Company profile

Established in 2011, Ecube Labs is an innovative green technology company committed to providing solutions for the smart and sustainable cities of tomorrow. Our current line of products include a smart solar-powered trash compactor bin, an ultrasonic fill-level sensor and a monitoring application which allows its users to plan ahead waste collection routes and schedules based on where collection is actually needed. Our smart waste management solutions help cities and waste collection industry to reduce operational costs by up to 80%. Ecube Labs is headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, but our products and services can be seen throughout major regions including Asia (NE & SE), Europe, Middle East, and North America.

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  • Handling & Logistics
  • Industrial Waste Products & Services
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  • Waste Containers
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Press Releases

Products to be displayed

Clean CUBE
The Clean CUBE is a smart solar-powered trash compactor bin. It is equipped with sensors that send and receive real-time data to Clean City Networks (CCN) monitoring platform.
Clean CAP
The Clean CAP is an ultrasonic fill-level sensor device that securely monitors a waste container's fill-level. It sends and receives information in real-time to Clean City Networks (CCN) management platform.
Clean City Networks (CCN)
Clean City Networks sends and receives real-time data from sensor devices (Clean CUBE & Clean CAP) on the ground. The network transforms the data into actionable information usable by waste collection managers.